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Welcome to our wedding website!



We created the wedding website to tell you all here

necessary information for our big day. Our wedding is slowly approaching and preparations are being made

in full swing. Most of the information is already available here and after confirming the participation of all guests, we will also add the meeting schedule and schedule.

We chose Hotel Všetice as the venue, which enchanted us with its romantic atmosphere.

On the pier by the pond, surrounded by beautiful unspoiled nature, a wedding ceremony will take place accompanied by live music and then we will move to a beautiful bright hall

in a rustic style for a wedding reception. There will also be an evening celebration in the hall,

where we will dance, sing and play games. We look forward to celebrating this day with you!

The wedding will be tuned to a white-green color with a touch of light pink, as you can see on our wedding announcement. We chose white,

because it is very elegant and tasteful, and symbolizes a new beginning for us. Green is our favorite color and represents life, nature, harmony and peace. We complement the overall impression with a touch of light pink, which expresses love and beauty.


As for clothing, we have no colors defined. Please come in elegant clothes,

which suits the festive summer atmosphere of the wedding.

As the ceremony will be on the grass, we recommend the ladies shoes without stiletto heels.  

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